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Fashion Blogger

When I am out and about in the world, people are always asking me where I got things, how do you have such a great shape and mostly they say, “why don’t you have a blog??” Fashion doesn’t come naturally to me. It isn’t in my DNA. But, I do know what I like. I pay attention. I am shopping addicted. I observe others that are good at what they do and I learn from them. I have done some modeling, a bit of film and have my face on a few products in the marketplace. I am no self-proclaimed supermodel. Not even close.

So my blog will be our little trip together. A place to snuggle up, grab a good coffee and chat. We will meet people, chat fashion and of course go shopping! And, most of all I want to hear from you! Ask me your questions. I am lucky enough to know people that know people. This life is supposed to be fun and relaxing.


I am a semipro Real Life Photographer. In SecondLife I am still perfecting my art. Art is a passion and love. Check out my gallery and Flickr site for my work.

Model & Porn Actress

I started out in SL doing my own photos. I was surprised when asked to model for others. That lead to photoshoots, Marketplace Advertisements etc. One day a close friend invited me to a Porn Stars party. At the party, several photographers and movie directors asked me to work with them. I have been hugely honored to work with some amazing artists.